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Wed Nov 13 05:06:04 UTC 2002

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>On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 06:10:14PM -0500, Gerald wrote:
>> Haven't seen mention of this yet today and DNS affects most everyone in
>> some way. The advisory was released a day early according to FreeBSD
>> security officer.
>	Just to reiterate (I realize, in my haste, I forgot to include
>a reference or a quote in my earlier message)...
>	Here is a quote from Vixie on Slashdot:
>] "ISS and ISC worked together on this. ISS found the
>] vulns, ISC worked with the vendors, and both of us
>] worked with CERT and coordinated the announcements.
>] Paul Vixie
>] Chairman, ISC"
>	Doesn't sound like "released a day early" to me.

CERT said that the ISS advisory was to be released on 13 November, and 
that the patch would be available from ISC next week.  There was no 
indication about when CERT itself was going to issue an advisory, but 
clearly someone said something a day earlier than had been expected.

		--Steve Bellovin, (me) ("Firewalls" book)

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