Telus (AS852) problems ?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Mon Nov 11 01:42:19 UTC 2002

Anyone else seeing any problems with Telus (AS852) tonight ?  This morning 
an IGP config typo (dont know many details beyond that) black holed a lot 
of routes for me and now I only see 30 prefixes from them.

 From their route server ( I dont even have a 
path back to the other side of the router I peer with


Type escape sequence to abort.
Tracing the route to (

   1  *  *  *

Yet I can see it from my side... Perhaps more IGP issues ?  I have been 
stuck in the phone queue for some time now, so perhaps someone on the list 
might know whats up ? I know there are a few Telus people who monitor NANOG...

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