"VeriSign Moves DNS Server To Boost Security"

william at elan.net william at elan.net
Sat Nov 9 02:44:09 UTC 2002

Perhaps we shouldn't be saying "post-ICANN" as we're in "ICANN age" now, 
if they were to be gone, it then be "post-ICANN" and things might even 
move faster (or not at all :) ...

But seriously are there any volunteers there to run root name servers in 
Europe and Asia or are people now  expecting to get paid to it through 
ICANN contract. We do need root name server for every continent and 
perhaps something like "official mirror" should be considered where 
somebody would run nameserver with complete mirror of all zones that root 
name server would have but it would not be considered "official root" name 
server (but ISPs in its region would know about and us it). Are other 
regions ever considered something like this to ease load on current root 
servers or perhaps as a first step to having root server there?

> 	patience grasshopper. :)
> 	pushing "J" to a distinctly different broadcast domain
> 	is the first step to pushing that instance elsewhere.
> 	pre-ICANN, things moved fairly quickly as compared to
> 	post-ICANN.
> --bill 

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