"VeriSign Moves DNS Server To Boost Security"

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Sat Nov 9 07:48:37 UTC 2002

> >From tha archives, "J" was only supposed to be at NSI for a temporary
> period before moving to a different location (and organization), much like
> "L" and "M" moved to LINX and WIDE after a brief period at ISI and NSI.
> The real question isn't why "J" has moved a few miles to a different
> Verisign building, but where in the world should "J" move?
> >From my limited understanding of the data, Hong Kong appears to be the
> most technically sound location for a new root server.  Asia-Pacific rim
> is heavly dependant on "M" now.  Yes, a lot of A-P traffic is exchanged on
> the west coast of the US. But HK is probably the second most central
> telcomm location for the regiona. South America, Africa, Russia, India
> have lots of people, but aren't very central network-wise.  Root servers
> need to be able to serve the world, not just a local region or country.

	patience grasshopper. :)
	pushing "J" to a distinctly different broadcast domain
	is the first step to pushing that instance elsewhere.
	pre-ICANN, things moved fairly quickly as compared to


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