who are the root server operators?

Sean Donelan sean at donelan.com
Wed Nov 6 05:25:30 UTC 2002

On 4 Nov 2002, Paul Vixie wrote:
> > And remember - Paul Vixie has shown that 10% of the inbound traffic at
> > c.root-server.net is bogus rfc1918 sourced.  Making the addresses public
> > will serve as a DDoS vector against the root operators....
> moreover, duane wessels came to eugene last week to tell us that only 2.1%
> of the queries hitting F-root were valid.  there's got to be a way to make
> that better.

"For example, one bad release of  popular domain software drove averages
to over five times the normal load for extended periods. At present, we
estimate that over 50% of all root server traffic could be eliminated by
improvements in various resolver implementations to use less aggressive
retransmission and better caching."

Mockapetris P., Dunlap K.; Development of the Domain Name System,
Proceedings of SIGCOMM '88, Computer Communication Review Vol 18, No 4,
August 1988.

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