Important Informational Message - change

bmanning at bmanning at
Wed Nov 6 05:23:33 UTC 2002

> > November 5, 2002, the IP address for will 
> > change in the authoritative NS set for "dot".
> Why is this change being made?

	as a simple step in improving the robustness of the
	overall system.  back in the day, NSI agreed to act
	as guardian for a couple of the (then) new roots.
	As a temporary expedient, (J) was placed in the 
	same broadcast domain as another root. 

	moving it to a different broadcast domain will allow
	better traffic "splay" into the logical topology 
	of the 'net.

> ... (old record is still visable)

	yes.  and it may still be there for a while.
	but using the new address (and checking all those
	new systems that are already in the distribution
	channel to ensure they pick up hte new address)
	will avoid the odd glitch when the old address is
	eventually retired...  in a couple years. :)


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