ICANN Targets DDoS Attacks

alok alok.dube at apara.com
Mon Nov 4 14:41:54 UTC 2002

is any active working group persuing this matter seriously?

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>The first, dropping broadcasts destined to your customers, is possibly
>doable, but not trivial.

------> IGP learnt networks .. a small tweaky bit which learns broadcast
addresses via the networks in the IGP wud help (again summarization wud make
it bad)

>The second, catching all broadcasts coming
>in, out, or just passing through, is pretty much impossible.

-----> a very small percentage cud be blocked if u were willing to link this
to BGP learnt networks..at least those are "complete networks", not

ofcourse its a very small portion, mebbe u cud ask guys to send more
specific BGP routes from now....


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