Fwd: SlashDot: "Comcast Gunning for NAT Users"

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at greendragon.com
Thu Jan 31 23:49:25 UTC 2002

Wow, 30 messages and counting from people merely speculating....

Andy Walden wrote:
> Slashdot, the tabloid of the tech world. I believe if you read through all
> the comments no one ever came up with any proof of this and reading
> through Commcast's AUP doesn't reveal this policy either. I think it was
> largely trollbait.

Daniel Golding wrote:
> Hmm. I doubt Comcast is actually doing this - they are far too busy actually
> trying to build a network, 

Did anyone actually read the little black booklet that came with the 
recent Comcast installation CD?  (I did.)

The CD that came broken in several pieces?

The CD that would have installed software to monitor your computer, 
which they claim they will only do during tech support sessions?

The software that Comcast had to put out press releases not to install, 
because it crashed many computers, and instead you were supposed to 
download a new version (over your cable) before installation?

The installation that had to be done sometime during 3 days at the end 
of December, despite the broken CD, and bad unneccessary software?

And then, the SMTP servers were down, so you couldn't access/send 
email anyway (they blocked port 25 to keep us from sending directly).

Besides, reports are that Apple Airports won't work with Comcast 
anymore....  So, I wouldn't be able to use my laptop.

Anyway, I'm back to dialup.  So much more reliable....

William Allen Simpson
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