SlashDot: "Comcast Gunning for NAT Users"

Marc Pierrat marc at
Thu Jan 31 18:56:33 UTC 2002

1/31/02 12:18:09 PM, Jon Mansey <jon at> wrote:

>2) I heard recently of ppl openly sharing their broadband connection using 
>802.11 access points, Airports etc among friends, neighbors, coworkers.  I 
>can see where your DSL or cable company would be a little more concerned 
>about losing revenue like this, over just 2 or 3 PCs sharing at one 
>domestic location.

The movement is quite large, and the implications of its continued growth
are interesting.  Perhaps this is the ultimate target?

Community-owned networks are mildly free-riding for the time being. 
New DOCSIS specs give finer control on bandwidth usage which is more
important than IP addresses.  

Comcast "hunting" NAT users - sounds like strong language, but I think the
SlashDot reference has been pummeled enough.  No residental SP
should be burning support $$ for residential NAT, so a "public" policy of
either charging for it or not supporting it sounds like good business to me.

It's not very enforceable, so I'd be very surprised to see much money
spent on this witch hunt.

Marc (new to list)

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