distributed attack, high or not

Avleen Vig lists-nanog at silverwraith.com
Thu Jan 31 02:09:04 UTC 2002

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Joseph T. Klein wrote:

> I saw what appears to be a distributed attack against a single IP
> address that reached nearly 500Mbs. I was thinking that this is
> high. Are people seeing any random attacks of this magnitude?

Please define random :)
If you mean the source is random, then yes this attack is of a high
magnitude and I've seen one other this bad.
The addresses could be real, or spoofed - depending on the circumstance
and exact nature of the attack it'll vary.

If you mean the target appears to be random, then you're probably just
very very unlucky :(
Attacks of this size are normally aimed at large IRC servers or large /
popular websites.

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