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Wed Jan 30 08:47:50 UTC 2002

Bill Woodcock wrote:

> About three hundred, by the count that Bill, Antony, and I have been
> keeping:

Australia	Adelaide	AusBONE	AusBONE
	-> There is no Adelaide AusBONE IX; there used to be a
         between AusBone and SAIX, but it is no more.

Australia	Adelaide	South Australian Internet Exchange
Australia	Adelaide	South Australian Internet Exchange
	-> Is the SAIX relocation still in progress or complete?

Australia	Brisbane	AusBONE-Brisbane Internet Exchange
      -> Also uses due to the way it's set up.
      -> Location is AAPT, Riverside Centre, 123 Eagle St, Brisbane

Australia	Brisbane	AusBONE-Brisbane Internet Exchange
      -> Duplicate entry with the wrong exchange's IPs (AusBone

Australia	Melbourne	AusBONE-Melbourne Internet Exchange
	-> Location is AAPT, 530 Collins St, Melbourne

Australia	Melbourne	Victorian Internet Exchange	VIX
      -> IP block is (this is a residual exchange from
         and at present the VIX and AusBone-MEL switch fabrics are
         although we intend to separate the switch fabrics Real Soon
	-> Location is AAPT, 530 Collins St, Melbourne

Australia	Perth	Western Australia Internet Exchange	WAIX
	-> Very successful IX, surprised they don't have more IP space
by now :)
	-> Location is QV1, 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Australia	Sydney	AusBONE-Sydney Internet Exchange
	-> Location is AAPT, 30 Ross St, Glebe

Australia	Sydney	Pihana Sydney	Pihana Sydney
      -> Never heard of them, and there's no real info listed for them

I'm surprised AUSIX isn't in there, or was it already removed after the
Exodus collapse and closure of their Union St, Pyrmont facility where
it was located?

There was also a Paradox Internet Exchange in Sydney (Skygarden, Pitt
Sydney), but we pulled out of there a couple of years back leaving
Paradox to peer with themselves, and they've been through liquidation
at least once since then, so the exchange quite possibly isn't there
anymore :)

There were some other IX's - one more in Perth, a few buildings down
WAIX (WAIX is in QV1, the other IX was in BankWest, the same building
PARNet network is hubbed out of - but PARNet connected to WAIX not the
"other" IX), I'm not sure if it's still there, one in West Sydney (I
forget the name of it) and some guy who set up a 33k6 peering exchange
for small ISPs in Melbourne (I haven't paid much attention to what
happened to that...).

AusBone are attempting to set up some regional IX's in Australia, such
Newcastle, Wollongong, etc - none are actually established yet though.

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