UUNet outage?

Vandy Hamidi vhamidi at insweb.com
Wed Jan 30 03:06:03 UTC 2002

I noticed unavailability of some sites through our UUNet connection as well.
Trace routes showed that the packets were being dropped after it was passed
onto above.net but also before that.  I assume not only was above.net having
problems, but I screwed up UUNet's routes they received from them.
A call to UUNet didn't help.  The tech, though nice, had no idea what to
look for.  I was sitting there giving him commands and asking the result.
After I figured everything was ok between us, I figured it was bigger than
just my connection and waited patiently.
All was good within 15 min or less.


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From: Daniel Lark [mailto:dlark at elmresources.com]
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I have been noticing several UUNet problems recently. My Oakland office
(connected via UUNet) and my company's service bureau, run by a
contractor company (also UUNet) had problems seeing my main corp. web
server colo'd at Hurricane Electric, yesterday. Turns out there was a
DoS attack ran against a router on above.net (which provides the peering
between UUNet and HE).

However, I have also seen problems with customers being unable to see my
contractor's machines. Supposedly, there are some rather strategic DoS
attacks going on. Can anyone confirm this?

Dan Lark
ELM Resources, Inc.

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