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Tue Jan 29 17:22:07 UTC 2002

If you recall... NAP's were tiered...  1,2 etc...

So, you now claim only Tier 1's are actual NAP's ?

(not wanting to send reporters to the 
 phones with yet another mythconception)

  Why don't we take a look at the listings for North America,
from this site.... 

and we can see where I developed this "incredible misnomer"...
Perhaps we will need people to rename their "exchanges", eh ?

Get Bill M's call on it..... Tiering was his Idea.

The East Coast... 

 ATL-NAP Atlanta
BMPX - Boston Metropolitan Exchange Point 
BNAP - Baltimore NAP 
FloridaMIX - Florida Multimedia Internet Exchange (News Article)
 ipx - A New Jersey Activity
MAGPI - a Mid Atlantic Gigapop for Internet2 
NNAP - Neutral NAP 
Nashville Regional Exchange Point
Nap of the Americas: Miami, Florida (under construction)
NY6iX - A New York IPv6 exchange
NYIIX - New York International Internet Exchange (Telehouse) 
MetroIX - Various NE sites, NY
 Philadelphia Internet Exchange 
Pittsburg Internet Exchange
 Research Triangle Park
 Sprint NAP (Pennsauken NJ) 
Vermont ISP Exchange Private(Password Required) 

The West Coast... 

 AMAP - Anchorage Metropolitan Access Point 
AIX - Ames Internet Exchange 
COX - Central Oregon Internet Exchange
HIX - Hawaii Internet Exchange
LAIIX - Telehouse LosAngles 
LAP - A Los Angeles Exchange, includes MAE-LA. 
Northwest Access Exchange - Portland (website under construction) 
OIX - Oregon Internet Exchange
Pacific Bell NAP Information 
PACIFIC WAVE - Pacific Wave Exchange
SD-NAP - San Diego (Caida)
SIX - Seattle Internet Exchange
SNNAP - Puget Sound Regional Interconnect Statistics Link

Arizona & New Mexico... 

New Mexico Internet Exchange
 New Mexico Network Access Point
 TTI - The Tucson Interconnect 


Austin - AMAP 
Compaq's Houston NAP 
Dallas-Ft Worth DWFMAP 
 Mae Houston
 Magie - A Houston Exchange
San Antonio SAMAP

The Middle American Exchange Points 

Ameritech NAP info (Chicago NAP)
CMH-IX - Columbus Internet Exchange
 DIX - Denver Internet Exchange
IndyX - Indianapolis Data Exchange
Mountain Area eXchange (Denver)
 Nashville CityNet
 Ohio Exchange 
 The Arch - St. Louis, Mo.
Utah REP


BCIX - British Columbia Internet Exchange
BC Gigapop - British Columbia Gigapop
 CA/NAP Canada/Toronto Exchange
 CANIX: Originally CA*net sponsored - No URL Supplied
Edmonton Internet Exchange
 MIX - Montreal Internet Exchange

The Nova Scotia Gigapop
Ottawa Internet eXchange
Quebec Internet Exchange (French)
Toronto Internet Exchange and are now registered domains of the Toronto Internet Exchange 
= North American R&E Fabric=
 West Coast: Los Angeles and San Jose CA. 
 East Coast: Newark NJ and Ashburn VA.
 Middle America: Chicago IL. and Dallas TX. 
Napnet A GTE Company 

Randy Bush wrote:
> now that you have displayed your ignorance of history and terminology, where
> do you plan to go next.

  Since you seem to have a limited memory, 
  let me remind you I was -in- these meetings.. 
  Now get in practice Randy:

   "Do you want fries with that ?"

> > Not!
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Randy Bush wrote:
> > >
> > > i believe there are/were only four NAPs, so scheduling should not be a
> > > problem.
> > >
> > > randy

Bill Woodcock wrote:
>        Randy Bush wrote:
>     >> i believe there are/were only four NAPs, so scheduling should not be a
>     >> problem.
>       Richard Irving wrote:
>     > Not!
>     >
>           ^^
> Um, does that spell "NAP" to you?
> NAP means something specific.  I think you're confusing it with "exchange
> point".  And Randy isn't.  Plus, you top-posted.
>                                 -Bill

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