Randy Bush randy at
Tue Jan 29 16:46:59 UTC 2002

> i believe there are/were only four NAPs, so scheduling should not be a
> problem.

it seems that many folk do not know that NSF let contracts involving four
NAPs, Pennsauken, AADS, PacBell, and MAE-East (i hope bit-rot has not set in
so badly i blew that list).  those are/were the only NAPs.  there are many
more excnagne points.

the essence of what NSF said was that, to get a transition contract, a
provider had to be at the NAPs so others would know where/how to reach
them.  what they did not say was that the providers had to peer openly
and provision sufficient bandwidth; but that's another story.

i am sure this is all written down somewhere, which is good as i suffer
from increasing bit-rot.

i think george santayana had something to say about all this.


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