Mike Hughes mike at
Tue Jan 29 16:16:09 UTC 2002

Hi all,

As you may have seen from the NANOG 24 agenda, I'm running two NAP
sessions at the coming meeting.

In the General Session, there is a NAP update, from a handful of NAPs.
We've had to keep this session small, and tightly timed, to fit well into
the agenda.

On the Monday evening, we'll have a NAP BoF session, which will I'm
planning on being fairly free-form, but will consist of:

* an "open-mic" for operators who didn't participate in the general
session to introduce themselves and their IX/NAP.

* a chance to carry out further discussion of any "hot topics" from the
general session - I've even asked for a whiteboard/flipchart.

* a place where participants get the opportunity to meet and chat with the
operators of the NAPs where they participate now, or may be participating
in the future.

* We'll probably head toward the bar at some point too... :-)

Why have we chosen to split it up like this? Well, in Europe, at the RIPE
meeting, there is an open European IXP working-group for which we get 3
hours of agenda time. Not all the IXPs show up, and still we are
hard-pressed to fit things in the schedule!

So, if there are any NAP/IX operators who would be interested in coming
along to the evening BoF, drop me a mail, or you're free to just turn up
on the night. Of course, we would also like plenty of NAP participants to
show up too! It will also be a good chance to meet with potential new
peers as well...

See you in Miami!

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