Looking glasses with programmatic interface?

Jake Khuon khuon at NEEBU.Net
Wed Jan 23 17:27:46 UTC 2002

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SB> What do you think of a standard XML-RPC API for looking glasses?

There was some discussion during the OPS Area meeting at the London IETF on
using XML for router configuration.  I'm not certain anyone might have been
willing to extend some of those concepts into the area of table dumps but
you never know.

At my previous employ, I had architected a non-router based solution for a
distributed looking glass which involved dedicated route-listener boxes and
peering sessions to obtain both internal and external routing table views. 
We began talks with NextHop (we were going to use gated) on incorporating
our design requirements for a streaming datafeed which could then be
collected and stored in a distributed datastore to be queried later via SQL
or obtained as an object via a CORBA interface.  I don't know how far
NextHop had progressed on implimentation.  Unfortunately, in light of market
conditions and tightened budgets my employers felt that this was an
unnecessary project and support for it was cut by my management.  Maybe if
there's renewed interest, further work can be continued in this area.

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