AS migration

Miguel de Leon Dimayuga miguel.dimayuga at
Tue Jan 22 20:45:03 UTC 2002

hey justin,

Collapsing AS'es has its technical benefits, ultimately
resulting in financial benefits.  For starters, you'll
be able to manage your transit traffic better (and thus 
grow your pipes in a more sane manner).

You'll also be able to control your inter-AS traffic much 
better (especially if you plan to eventually collapse and 
use common servers/services across AS'es).  An example of
this is consolidating your news server farms or mail server

One approach on the BGP front before merging AS'es is to 
make sure you have a common local pref and community 
infrastructure among the AS'es you want to merge. 
attempting to go confeds with mismatching 
local pref and community based policies might be a headache.

On the IGP front, make sure that your private networks
are distinct among AS'es.  Once you merge OSPF entities,
you could have duplicate 192.168.x.x spaces.

That's a start.  my 0.02 cents worth.

Btw, if you make it to nanog, make sure to grab josh
fleishman/jeb linton of mindspring/earthlink a line.  
They also went through a big AS consolidation a few 
months ago.  

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