traffic filtering

Stephen Griffin stephen.griffin at
Tue Jan 22 16:48:52 UTC 2002

In the referenced message, Walter Klomp said:
> As far as I know .0 and .255 are network and broadcast addresses
> respectively, NEVER should a workstation be configured on these addresses,
> unless something drastically changed in the RFC's for IPv4 which I am not
> aware of...

only on a /24. on /0 - /23 only the first .0 is network, and the last
.255 broadcast. on /25-/30 it depends on where the network begins and
ends. /31 has no directed broadcast. /32 is a single host and similarly
has no directed broadcast.

> I for one am filtering .0 and .255 at my border routers, and also rate
> limiting echo at a reasonable rate... and have never gotten a complaint
> about people not being able to reach or be reached...
> Walter Klomp

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