DNS DOS increasing?

Stephen Griffin stephen.griffin at rcn.com
Mon Jan 21 23:50:07 UTC 2002

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> BGP isn't that expensive.
> ----
> For some, it is a cost that can be mitigated by "workaround" technologies
> that are cheaper.
> Of course, it could be argued that if you're not willing to make the
> investment to do it the BGP way, you don't really need it bad enough. 
> Enter the salesman who is heard to tell his prospects "...you don't have the
> cost of BGP, you get the same effect as BGP, and you don't even have to tell
> your ISP!".

With the added benefit of not increasing the routing table size. The downfall
is (potentially) increased address consumption (perhaps mitigated in that
small entities doubling a /28 is still better than lying cheating and stealing
for a "large" PI or PA block).

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