Outage in SF area

Alex Rubenstein alex at nac.net
Sat Jan 19 02:54:02 UTC 2002

Maybe old news by now, but at some point I saw a UA notice about 72 + 144
strands being cut in a construction site somewhere..

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Leo Bicknell wrote:

> In a message written on Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 04:16:01PM -0800, Erich Kuehn wrote:
> > Has anyone noticed an outage in the SF bay area? I was told by MCI Worldcom
> > that there was a Major Fiber cut in the area that affected mulitple OC-192's
> > and OC-48's can anyone confirm this?
> I can confirm that a Worldcom cable in downtown San Francisco has been
> cut.  I believe other providers were in the same trench as well.
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