Growing DoS attacks

Jared Mauch jared at
Fri Jan 18 04:06:44 UTC 2002

	I beleive that other vendors (Juniper for example) can
also do the same stuff I was suggesting at the rates without
concerns over which engine linecard supports what.

	I am not trying to advocate a specific vendor over another
just that if this is a major concern you can protect your network
at the ingress/egress points with such software features.

	If netflow is more important than this that is a 
eng/business case that each person obviuosly needs to address.

	- jared

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 11:09:57AM +0100, Vincent Gillet wrote:
> nguilbaud at disait :
> > Vincent,
> > 
> > The Cisco ISE aka Engine 3 cards for GSR allow you to combine those
> > features, you can even i/egress traffic police or even shape based on
> > access-list. You still have some constraints but nothing compared to the
> > E0/1/2.
> It looks getting better and better, but large GSR users have
> 95% LC E0/1/2 .... and i bet 100% customers are connected on E0/1/2 !!
> Even single POS oc48 LC are still E2 ....
> I am talking about problem we have today.
> E3 and above LC will be popular for access in 2003 i guess.
> Vincent.

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