Growing DoS attacks

Vincent Gillet vgi at
Thu Jan 17 14:32:21 UTC 2002

jabley at disait :

> > rate-limite and/or traffic filtering may be available on some
> > box (GSR) but cannot run concurently with other feature (NetFlow).
> I seem to have just found out that ACLs and sampled NetFlow can
> both be configured concurrently on routers running IOS >= 12.0(18)S.

All can be configured concurently .... but you have a message
from line card that Netflowx has been stopped because another feature
is activated.

Below is feedback i received from Cisco :

1. There is no incompatibilities on E0,1,3,4 but some features are not
available on some E
2. For E2 in 17S, here are the priorities:
    IP Coloring
    BGP Policy accounting
    FR Traffic policing which is not FR traffic shaping

Beside, output ACL are done at ingress (before forwarding),
thus output ACL activate input filtering on all LC ...


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