Growing DoS attacks

Pascal Gloor pascal.gloor at
Wed Jan 16 23:12:55 UTC 2002

Since years, IRC (users and/or servers) gets dDoS... We also see a grow of
the dDoS attacks. For example on Undernet some servers get attacked every
day with 100+Mbps for a few minutes, and sometimes for long long hours...
Those attacks are usually comming from users - IRC Operators conflicts,
those users think they may ask anything to an OPER with the power of a dDoS.
We try to provide a free service, and all of us know how it is hard to get a
host with good connectivity for free and on the other side we see those
young 'script kiddies'  playing around with hundreds of compromised hosts
like a game and they  have no idea how much it costs to all the flooded
networks... Unlikely I have to say that most of these 'script kiddies' are
from Romania. I dont know why it's so many times comming from them....

If you run an well dDoS'ed IRC Server on your network I have a solution for
you... not the best one, but still technically working..

get a /24 (be carefull that there is no bigger network announced which would
include it!!! i mean like if you get 10.10.10/24, 10/8 would include it)

Get a box, and run Zebra BGPD, which will announce that /24 to your network.
Then do a script which monitors the traffic to the irc server, and on a
certain threshold, kill BGPD. wait a certain time, like 15minutes or so, and
restart BGPD. It would be nice to check the traffic every minute and if 2
consecutive checks are positive kill bgpd. That mean that you  may be able
to STOP dDoS to irc servers within 2-3 minutes...

just my 0.00001 EUR


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