Growing DoS attacks

Jared Mauch jared at
Wed Jan 16 18:18:14 UTC 2002

	are you seeting these attacks be related to the lack of
anti spoofing filters?  where do they tend to be originating these

	i suspect that 1) smurf amps that are still not fixed, 2)
high speed connectivity at homes (cable, .. some dsl still,) are allowing
people to send spoofed packets at higher rates.

	that combined and the number of windows based servers that
have been exploited (nimda, etc..) and those can be used also to send
spoofed packets at higher rates.

	- jared

On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 11:45:05AM -0600, Paul Froutan wrote:
> Hello all,
> Can some of you with larger networks let me know about the volume of the 
> DoS attacks you have experienced lately?  Our experience has been that the 
> volume (not just occurrence) is going up significantly and I'm curious on 
> the size of attacks that people are experiencing.  For reference, while a 
> year or two ago we used to get 50-100 meg attacks, now we're getting 500+ 
> megs.
> Thanks
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