router startup behavior

Danny McPherson danny at
Wed Jan 16 05:31:04 UTC 2002

> The routers in question run a BGP redistribution process every 
> 60 seconds and it just happened to run (quite often) just as 
> filters were being rewritten, resulting in "the gunk" not being 
> tagged as "keep internal" and therefore being advertised 
> externally.  A subsequent run of the BGP process realized a 
> policy was in place withdrew the routes.  

I should clarify here:

A subsequent run of the BGP resdistribution process with the 
newly rewritten policy in place resulted in the routes being 
tagged with the appropriate "keep internal" community and "re-
advertised".  Upon receipt of the now tagged routes, routers that
had previously announced the untagged routes withdrew them (per 
egress policy specification).


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