need routed configuration help

Alex Melkomukov amelkomukov at
Wed Jan 16 00:13:35 UTC 2002

Hello everyone.

I'm not sure if this is the correct list, but I was informed that this list 
is where all of the routing experts can be found, so I am sending this plea 
for help to this list.

Basically, I need to confirm some configuration information and make sure 
I've set up everything properly.  I am seeing some very strange behavior 
and need to rule out local misconfiguration as the cause.  I am not a 
routing expert, so I need confirmation.

We had to configure a customer's server to function in a co-location 
facility (not of our choosing) that has a gateway IP address that is 
outside of the locally defined network block (Class C).

The OS is FreeBSD 4.4.  I did some digging and discovered that I needed to 
enable 'routed' and create some static routes to the gateway IP outside of 
the local network block to be able to reach the Internet.

I uncommented the


entry (IP has been changed to protect parties involved) in the rc.conf file 
and added the


entry.  I then added the following entries to the rc.local file:

    route add default -interface -netmask
    route add -net -interface -netmask
    route add default

I came up with these routes by trial and error, and am not convinced that 
these are the correct entries to use.

I can reach the Internet and the nameserver (which is also outside of the 
local network block), and can ping and traceroute without any problems.

But,...  every once in a while certain programs start timing out and/or 
take a really long time to respond (to the point of failure due to time-out 
on the other end).  Some of these programs are telnet, ssh, ftp, radius.

Other programs/protocols (such as http traffic) do not display the same 

So, I am seeking advice on how to configure static routes correctly and/or 
if some other issues may be causing this strange, intermitten behavior.

Please let me know if I implemented this incorrectly...

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