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Tim Irwin tim at
Tue Jan 15 14:53:29 UTC 2002

Hey, folks -

One of my counterparts asked me if I could post the following to the list to
see if anyone else has experience with a product or a combination of
products that meet(s) the following criteria.  Spirent (Smartbits) xDSL test
gear is already a consideration... looking for anything else in the

Contact me off-list if so desired... I'm just the messenger though.


<----begin forwarded request---->

We are looking to do this type of testing. Is there one or combination of
tools that can do this? Most of this? Looking for suggestions.

DSL Test System requirements:

-Interfaces: ATM, Ethernet, DS3, OC3, OC12, 10/100
-Generate approximately 32,000 PPP sessions
-Bi-directional traffic
-PPP throughput tests
-L2TP emulation (both LAC and LNS)
-Ability to perform L2TP conformance test as per RFC 2661
-Simulate user traffic and session turn up rates
-Full negotiation of the IP and PPP parameters
-Ability to vary the rate of the PPP session startup
-Ability to see the sessions and associated users or IP addresses
-Take measurements while generating the L2TP tunnels and PPP sessions
-Generate PPPoE sessions through the L2TP tunnels
-Generate PPPoA sessions using AAL5 and RFC1483
-Generate PPPoEoA sessions using AAL5 and RFC1483

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