Zywall / smurf amplifier

Avleen Vig lists-nanog at silverwraith.com
Mon Jan 14 19:06:04 UTC 2002

Morning all,

If there is a 'competant' technical support representative from ZyXEL on
this list could you please contact me?
As far as I'm able to tell, your ZyWALL 10 firewall+router combo by
default[1] acts as a Smurf Amplifier, and I cannot disable directed IP

Or if anyone knows how to disable directed IP broadcasting on this
equipment I'd appreciate an email.

Kindest regards,
Avleen Vig

[1] I run the SAFE project at the address below. The information I've
received is from someone with the above equipment who is having this
problem, and having the usual amount of luck with tech support depts.
[2] Very bad ;)

Avleen Vig
Smurf Amplifier Finding Executive: http://www.ircnetops.org/smurf
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