Open Peers at PAIX - Jan 2002

Pete Ashdown pashdown at
Fri Jan 11 18:54:01 UTC 2002

In honor of Verio depeering with my network at PAIX today, I present the
latest Open Peers at PAIX list.  This list is constructed off of submitted
information to me in my experience of being a network at PAIX.  If you have
any corrections, additions, or omissions, please email me directly.

Organization		IP address	AS#	Email contact

Vixie Enterprises	 3557	?
AboveNet	 6461	noc at Santa Cruz	 4436	peering at
Exodus	 3967	peering at
Hurricane Electric	 6939	mleber at
VIA Net.Works	 5669	peering at
ValuServe	 6123	?
Lightning Internet	 6427	peering at
Critical Path	10627	noc at
WebTV	 6469	soc at
XMission	 6315	peering at
DACOM Corporation	 3786	peering at
Hostcentric	11388	peering at
PFM Communications	 4513	?
SingTel	 7473	peering at
Zocalo	  715	peering at
KDDNet	 2516	peering at
WinterLAN	 5081	noc at
Hanaro Telecom	 9318	peering at
Hotmail	12076	dmcgilli at
Via.Net	 7091	noc at
Nokia	14277	nokiaisp at
Open Data Network	 4725	as-admin at
Digital Island	 6553	mrose at
StarNet	 6316	peering at
Sunrise Communications	 6730	helpdesk at
Open Data Network	 4725	as-admin at
Advanced Telcom Group	 6971	peering at
DirecTV Broadband	12050	peering at
Nominum	17204	peering at
Thrunet	 9277	noc at
RCN	 6079	peering at
Akamai	12222	peering at
Cogent Communications	16631	peering at
One Call Communications	 6402	rirving at
Yahoo! Inc.	10310	peering at
SITA Equant	 2647	Juan.Vadillo at
Primus Telecom	11867	peering at
BBC	 9156	Simon.Lockhart at
Compaq	   33	noc at
Compaq	   33	noc at
Internet Mainstreet	 3856	

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