ip address management

Irwin Lazar ILazar at burtongroup.com
Fri Jan 11 15:47:50 UTC 2002

Thought I'd pass along the below:

Global Crossing released a free software tool designed to help
ISPs and other organizations manage and assign IP address space
to customers more efficiently. The software tool creates a
streamlined allocation process and provides a method for easily
and accurately auditing existing address space usage, enhancing
the ability of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) tables to manage
router information. The software was originally developed by Ben
April, a Global Crossing network engineer, to help allocate more
than 2 million IP addresses in parcels that range in size from
two to four addresses up to thousands of addresses in the most
mathematically conservative way possible. Global Crossing said
its decision to release the tool for free is part of a larger
effort to extend the life of IPv4 until IPv6 becomes broadly
available. The tool is available for free online.
http://www.freeipdb.org/ http://www.globalcrossing.com
Global Crossing, January 10, 2002

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