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Fri Jan 11 01:14:27 UTC 2002

	Another potential place for spam-related messages to go when
	they're off-topic for nanog.

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SpamCon Foundation is pleased to announce a new, moderated,
email discussion list for the many issues related to email
spam. Relevant topics include:

   - what is spam?
   - the impact of spam on society (present and future)
   - how should we deal with the various forms of spam?
   - I have a spam-related dilemma. How should I deal
     with it?
   - discussion of the progression of spam, including
     new techniques used by spammers and new techniques
     for dealing with it, volume changes & style changes

Topics that are not relevant include reports of specific
spam runs or spammers (unless directly relevant to one of
the above), and ad-hominem attacks or other verbal abuse.

Unlike most other anti-spam lists, spamcon-general will be
moderated to ensure that all relevant opinions are discussed
in the most effective manner possible, and to prevent
disruption and drifts from relevant topics. The moderators
are all experts in this fairly specialized field, and have
been active particpants in similar fora for years.

The spamcon-general list is in no way intended to be specific
to the efforts of SpamCon Foundation. Its founding moderators
are Troy Rollo, Jeff Cole and J.D. Falk.

For more information, to access the archives, or to join the
list (or others), please visit:

Please feel free to forward this message as is appropriate.
See you there!

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