SWBell NOC contact #

Lauren Nowlin ren at internet.rockstar.org
Thu Jan 10 02:56:14 UTC 2002

<Sorry for the duplicate Brian, but I should have sent
out the note to the list as well.>

NOC: noc at sbnoc.net, 214-495-2237 

P.S. Thanks for the pointer about Jared's list being
out of date with the various PacBell, Ameritech,
SWBell, Nevada Bell, SNET, Prodigy, etc. details. 
Peers of AS5102, AS5673, AS5676 & AS7132 have been
notified.  Guess there are other sites that should be
as well.

Brian Wallingford wrote

> I've checked their site as well as Jared's NOC list
and any *nic and ARIN
> contact info to no avail.  I'd appreciate a phone
number if someone can
> provide such.  We're under what appears to be an
attempted DOS attack from
> a DSL customer of theirs.
> tia,
> brian

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