HS protocol analyzer

LeBlanc, Jason Jml at ebay.com
Mon Jan 7 17:15:19 UTC 2002

Niksun NetVCR is worth looking at.  Foundry is doing interesting things with
their nextgen ASICs using builtin SMON probes, could almost use one of their
small switches as an analyzer. ;)  Building this functionality into the ASIC
on the switch/router is about the only way stat gathering will ever keep up
with fwding rates.  Sorry for the FDRY plug. ;)

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> From: Mike Duckett [mailto:mduckett at bellsouth.net]
> Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 6:30 AM
> To: Nanog at Merit. Edu
> Subject: HS protocol analyzer
> Looking for HS protocol analyzers options that can, 
> minimally, filter real
> time traffic (e.g., ports, applications, 
> sessions/conversations, byte/bit
> offsets) at rates up to and exceeding OC-3/12 and GigE.  
> Being limited to a
> few seconds makes troubleshooting or analysis very difficult if not
> impossible.  Our routers are able to keep up with a decent 
> amount of "high
> touch" and still maintain the pace of traffic flow by 
> employing accelerators
> (e.g., ASICs).  Great.. Now, how do we troubleshoot problems?

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