Blocking Internet Gaming

Todd Suiter todd at
Mon Jan 7 01:20:47 UTC 2002

Problem with that is you can spec those ports pretty much at will. This came up
on the focus-ids at securityfocus list last week. Policy is a good place to
start. Make it obvious that your org does not approve of this type of thing.
Then start looking at tcpdump output to find the ports/people, and go from


On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, James wrote:

> What kind of games specifically?
> Like online Java games (Bejeweled)?  Or games like Quake, Unreal, Tribes
> etc?
> The latter is much easier, just block all traffic to/from the default
> ports which use them.  A quick google would yield what they use.  I'll
> give you a quick hint and say Quake3 is 29760-5 or so and Tribes1/2 is
> 28000-28005 or so.
> - James
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> Does anybody know of any good software or way to restrict Internet
> gaming on
> a corporate Network?

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