gps time server problems ?

Sean Donelan sean at
Wed Jan 2 12:49:49 UTC 2002

Yes, I exchanged e-mail with an operator in Auckland about it
yesterday when I noticed some of the NTP clocks stopped chiming.

Only TrueTime brand clocks seem to be affected, but there doesn't
seem to be a clear answer what version or type of firmware has
the problem.  Some clocks jump forward 1024 weeks, even though
they report the same software version as clocks which don't jump.

It took me a while to figure out what was happening because Solaris 8
has a kernel tick adjustment bug causing the clock to run out of
control on certain models, so NTP was going crazy trying to discipline
the runaway clock.

On 2 Jan 2002, Pierfrancesco Caci wrote:
> anyone else is having problems with ntp servers based on gps
> receivers? Both ours are drifting away since yesterday, and are now
> reporting some stardate around 2021 :-(
> One is a TrueTime NTS-90-GPS and the other is a similar model from the
> same brand.

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