Anyone here from Microsoft? Hacked?

Scott Gifford sgifford at
Thu Jan 24 19:35:49 UTC 2002

David Diaz <techlist at> writes:

> If anyone from Microsoft is on the list.  You might want to check to
> see if this is a hack or an old employee being funny.
> I did enjoy the link that sent me to McDonalds to apply for a job.
> Just curious, does anyone know what servers they run their content on?
> Is it still NT?
> Hope this info helps the webmaster.
> David
>[email protected]/nyheter/feb01/Q209354%20-%20HOWTO.htm

This address is actually on  See the @ sign?  It
instructs the browser to connect to '' and give the
username ''.

It's an increasingly common trick.

So no security breaches, no pissed off employees, no chances to bash
NT.  Ah, well.


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