Persistent BGP peer flapping - do you care?

Dave Israel davei at
Thu Jan 17 22:34:13 UTC 2002

On 1/17/2002 at 14:21:59 -0800, Jake Khuon said:

> As for propogation of the bad prefix... well that soapbox has worn paint on
> top.  If people aren't going to bother following specs in the first place
> I'm not sure a new spec will solve anything.

It's a question of robustness; if the new spec includes a way to be
tolerant of how the spec is (or can be) commonly abused, then the
followers of the spec will not be at the mercy of those who deviate.

In this case, I think that having the option to keep a session that
gives bad routes up, and just dropping the route, is a good answer.
That would allow the user to determine which is preferable for a given
peer: possible corruption or certain disconnection.  


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