DC power versus AC power

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- --On Sunday, December 29, 2002 00:46:56 -0500 jlewis at lewis.org wrote:
> Does anyone actually wire up 
> both the A side and B side to a single DC power supply and use diodes to 
> keep the two supply grids separate?

We've built a number of "joiner" boxes in-house at KTHNOC; basically an
aluminium box with rectifier bridge and heatsink, and screw terminals. 

We use them for 2511 terminal servers and similar. So, yes. 

> DC also avoids bulky AC power cords...and not only are the wires less
> bulky, but you'll likely cut them to the actual length needed.  Since DC
> wiring is usually screwed down, they don't get bumped or accidentally
> pulled out of the outlets as often.

YMMV, but 4 times 2x10mm² + 16mm² PE (The DC connects for a 12n16 GSR) I
find bulkier than 4 10A power cords ;-). You are right on spot about the
tidy/sturdy part, though. 

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