DC power versus AC power

Rubens Kuhl Jr. rkjnanog at ieg.com.br
Sun Dec 29 20:01:24 UTC 2002

| Not to mention additional cost of wasted electricity (which does add up
| significantly when it is anything but a spot solution) and pitfalls of
| inverters (like their imperfect sine waves).  And if you're putting spot
| solution UPS units out into the bottom of a particular rack, be ware their
| canny ability to catch fire when the price is right.

Switched power supplies really don't care about the quality of the sine
waves that feeds them, as long as they have energy to put into the "tank".
On the other hand, video monitors like sine waves, and they may not get
along with DC inverters/rectifiers (or even portable AC no-breaks, which
usually generates AC from DC).

Rubens Kuhl Jr.

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