AOL & Cogent

alex at alex at
Sun Dec 29 20:02:01 UTC 2002

> 2. I think I asked this before, why wouldn't Cogent prepend 
> customer prefixes to Level3 or set BGP4 community for multihomed sites,
> homed w/ Cogent + someone else. 
> (This is to control inbound, and please don't go into "this is not-standard
> and Cogent won't do it".)

This is non-standard and Cogent wont do it. It is their policy not to do
non-standard stuff. To change the policy, you simply need to take control of

> 3. Did anyone suggested to Cogent to carry traffic (or some portion of it)
> to AOL via MFN to offload its Level3 peering? I couldn't get any straight
> answer from Cogent why this can't be done.

Same reason as above.


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