Daryl G. Jurbala daryl at
Sat Dec 21 17:05:51 UTC 2002

Yes, 172.16 actually IS RFC1918.  Where are you getting that lookup
from?  I don't seem to be seeing it.

And I don't see how router mismanagement would cause a bad name
resolution, but maybe I'm not understanding the situation fully.

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Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2002 7:33 AM
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Subject: Yahoogroups

Mail to yahoogroups for two days is giving some strange responses.

Mail is attempting to go to when sent to a yahoogroup.

This looks real strange....that block is reserved I believe? Wondering
theyre resolving to that address?

Router mismanagement? Poisoning?

I dont know...but its causing some grief here...
Yahoo is real lax in giving some human contact addy, perhaps the
group here can shed some light...


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