White House to Propose System for Wide Monitoring of Internet (fwd)

David Lesher wb8foz at nrk.com
Fri Dec 20 16:12:43 UTC 2002

[This just jumped into the operational arena. Are you prepared
with the router port for John Poindexter's vacuum? What changes
will you need to make? What will they cost? Who will pay?]


December 20, 2002

White House to Propose System for Wide Monitoring of Internet


The Bush administration is planning to propose requiring Internet
service providers to help build a centralized system to enable
broad monitoring of the Internet and, potentially, surveillance
of its users.

The proposal is part of a final version of a report, "The National
Strategy to Secure Cyberspace," set for release early next year,
according to several people who have been briefed on the report. It
is a component of the effort to increase national security after
the Sept. 11 attacks.

The President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board is
preparing the report, and it is intended to create public and
private cooperation to regulate and defend the national computer
networks, not only from everyday hazards like viruses but also
from terrorist attack. Ultimately the report is intended to provide
an Internet strategy for the new Department of Homeland Security.


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