Cogent and Level3 Peering Issues

alex at alex at
Wed Dec 18 23:25:08 UTC 2002

> Of course, your right about what needs to be fixed! But situation with 
> cogent is such that I do not have that option. Their peering link with 
> level3 is congested because of all the traffic going to AOL and some of 
> traffic destined to me is going through same link the other way and 
> getting jammed as a sideeffect as well. I route aol-destined traffic from 
> my net to provider other then cogent - but how do I tell AOL and L3 (and 
> only them) that best path to me is through somebody else? 

route-map cogent-ick permit 10
  match community-list <aggregate-only>
  set as-path prepend <iamuglypath> <iamuglypath> <iamuglypath>

route-map cogent-ick deny 20
  match community-list <deaggregated-routes>

route-map happy-with-backup permit 10
  match community-list <deaggregated-routes>
route-map happy-with-backup deny 20
  match community-list <aggregate-only>

> Basil is right - the best way to deal with that would be for cogent to
> provide special community that would allow me to direct cogent to prepend
> several of their ASN to level3 advertisements.

Cogent doesnot do anything custom.


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