Phoenix Topics So Far

Susan Harris srh at
Tue Dec 17 21:49:36 UTC 2002

Many thanks to everyone who sent in topic suggestions for the upcoming
NANOG (Feb. 9-11). Here's what we've lined up so far:

	-- Experiences with deploying large-scale wireless LANs
	-- BGP4 Anycast for Root Name Service -- Threat or Menace?
        -- Why don't people aggregate more? (CIDR report analysis)
	-- Time lapse between IP allocation and appearance in routing
        -- Joint Regional Internet Registry Report
	-- "The BGP TTL Security Hack," Internet-draft,
	-- Achieving Near-Optimal Traffic Engineering Solutions for Current
	   OSPF/IS-IS Networks (Research Forum)

Further suggestions welcome, and the CFP is here:

See you soon.

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