Identifying DoS-attacked IP address(es) Sniffer

Livio Ricciulli livio at
Tue Dec 17 11:02:55 UTC 2002

You want to put a box like this to analyze and dozen OC-12c(s)? I know that
>the sales people for boxes like this right now are really hurting for
>business but give us a break.

A break is exactly what everyone is getting right now; but not what you 
mean. Look at
telecom stocks and valuations going down... You've gotta sell more than 
just best-effort data;
I wish more of the operators got a bit more adventurous and started to look 
at additional things to
do in the network (not all boxes are evil). We have best-effort data; lots 
of it; it's not enough anymore.
Quality is the name of the game (I think). I would start with improving 
network security and availability
and see if Enterprises want to buy extra services (I think so).


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