Alternative to NetFlow for Measuring Traffic flows

alex at alex at
Tue Dec 17 04:46:50 UTC 2002

> > > based on ALL the ASN's of the people on the peering switch..  but in most
> > > cases anyone pushing any real traffic will probably not have fine grained
> > > samples enough to determine a peering relationship based on a  single AS
> > > with this method.  Maybe Im wrong but hey if you are taking 200megs from any
> > > one ASN I would hope you knew about it.
> > 
> > Also, that method has the same "knowing the routes" problem as netflow. 
> > Whereever you are getting your list of ASN's route ASN.*"'s routes, there 
> > is pretty much no way they are accurate (for an ASN of ANY size).
> The vast majority of the routes will be an intersection of routes announced
> by the AS to other AS (including looking glasses).

oops, this should be read as "by the AS to other AS' (including the data you
can pull of from looking glasses)."


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