lists of DNS servers by region.

Haesu haesu at
Thu Dec 12 19:42:08 UTC 2002

> Many DNS "load balancing" solutions will return the address of the web
> server closest to the _query source_.  This means these systems work best
> when your recursive DNS servers are topologically closest to your users.

Correct me if I am wrong.. But..

I don't think multiple 'A' record load balancing will return the IP
address of the web server that is closest to the _query_source_. If this
is true, then Akamai has reinvented the wheel with their near-by DNS
setup on * entries.

The NS entry 'name server' record that is closest to the _query_source_
may answer the DNS query.. I.e... such as serving many
pacific traffic as well as western US in majority.


> S

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