Operational Issues with - or, does the Army read NANOG posts?

Todd A. Blank todd at ipoutlet.com
Wed Dec 11 17:15:23 UTC 2002

Yes, but can you help us get it fixed, since you know about their inner
workings?  This is continually using valuable resources of ours and the
others out there that have been kind enough to help.  New sites are
hitting the "inaccessible" list every day.  I try to post only sites
like this one, or ones that seem to have a common thread between them -
i.e. they use the same transit...

This is why we posted to NANOG for help - in the hopes that someone
somewhere in the community is either involved or knows people involved
with these networks.


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>  Another site that is filtering
>  www.army.mil
>  If anybody has any way to reach anyone responsible for this, or if
>  people who run this site are reading this,

	The US military is well-known for firewalling all non-US IP 
addresses around the world.  This makes it kind of hard for people in 
NATO (served by Belgacom Skynet, and issued IP space from them) to 
contact people in the US military.

	This is one of those standard "Oops" situations that
crops up whenever they get some new 16 year-old firewall operator 
that doesn't understand why the moron before him had a non-US IP 
address in the "allowed" list, and promptly decides to remove it 
without checking with anyone.

	Doing martian filtering for 69/8 is nothing compared to the kind

of stupidity we see from them on a regular basis.

	I say this as a former DISA.MIL Technical POC, so I have seen
kind of stupid stuff they do, first-hand and from the inside.

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