lists of DNS servers by region.

Stephen Sprunk ssprunk at
Wed Dec 11 16:21:45 UTC 2002

Tatsuya Kawasaki wrote:
> Many web sites which are mulihome/mult co-located seem to act
> differnetly depend on which DNS severs that we  use.
> Questions:
> 1. Does anyone have lists of DNS servers by region to may optimize the
> path?-- of course it may depend on the network topology ...Assume that
> If ISP is fully messed with others.. ie Teir I provider for exmaple.
> 2. what is the typical  of method they(web hosts) used to decide
> which one to give?

Many DNS "load balancing" solutions will return the address of the web
server closest to the _query source_.  This means these systems work best
when your recursive DNS servers are topologically closest to your users.


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