Spam. Again.. -- and blocking net blocks? -- and ddos..

Mark Segal MSegal at FUTUREWAY.CA
Wed Dec 11 15:39:28 UTC 2002

Apparently not everyone understood my joke on ddos, as per some emails and a
voice mail from level 3.. :)  I apologize if it wasn't clear... Usually a
smiley denotes joking or sarcasm.. But anyway... IT WAS A JOKE!!!!


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> Sorry for top posting, but I'm late for work...
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> Agreed.  I believe that society dictates that the 
> accumulation of personal wealth is one of the most important 
> factors to most people who have the means to generate it in 
> abundance.  Any avenue to make a buck will supersede any 
> legislation or "Please don't do that because it's not 
> (nice|safe|legal|honest|<your_word_of_the_day_here>)".
> Until spam is no longer synonymous with generating revenue or 
> growing personal wealth, it's here to stay.  Until drugs are 
> legal, or dealers are killed if caught, the fact that dealers 
> know pushing that crap on the streets is harmful, it doesn't 
> matter.  The need, or desire to have more money than the next 
> guy is more important to someone than the other people who 
> exist outside their little box.  Different circumstances, but 
> the same thing at the end of the day, I think.
> > It won't fix the problem. The world needs to change to stop driving 
> > the possible gains from sending spam. Its an eduction/social issue.
> -- 
> -JaL
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> the head  with a clue-by-four.  OTOH, if you would just RTFM 
> every once in a 
>  while, my life would suck *much* less."

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